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ok so the other day i was just fooling around the internet and watching steven universe and i noticed that

Amethyst’s color scheme is the same as the asexual flag


and Pearl’s color scheme is the same as the trans flag


And i don’t know if this means anything or whatever but idk that’s kinda cool

reblog this post i want cishets to get angry

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steven moffat is the writer of some of doctor who’s scariest monsters, for example the weeping angels, atrocious writing and misogyny

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" The biggest scare of the first season wasn’t a gory corpse display—though we got lots of those—but the revelation that Will had encephalitis, and Hannibal was preventing him from getting treatment. The primal fear here isn’t axe-murder, it’s abandonment; all the blood in the world can’t scare us more profoundly than the idea that the people who care about us may be faking it. "

Sady Doyle, ”Hannibal’s Feminist Horror.” (x)

The last sentence hit me in the gut and perfectly sums up exactly why I love this show so much. 

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